Emma Buckley joins as Head of Talent Acquisition for UK & Europe
  • Jul 22 2022


We are excited to be welcoming Emma Buckley to our team, as she joins to bring the best & brightest to our team, as Head of Talent Acquisition for UK & Europe.

Having worked in recruitment for over 20 years - as a consultant, account manager, business development exec and across both contract and permanent, she moved into internal recruitment - finding the best recruitment talent for some of the UK & Europe's biggest agencies, as well as managing & building teams too.

Emma joins Hamlyn Williams as we look to scale across all 3 of our European offices, in Cardiff, London & Amsterdam, with teams in a variety of markets, both permanent and contract look to find talent for more businesses. In her career in Talent Acquisition, she's helped recruitment businesses find diverse talent from outside the usual career pathway, and we're excited to have her expertise in bringing great consultants to our teams. 

She spoke to us about why she's joining Hamlyn Williams;


Hamlyn Williams values of ambition, perseverance and taking pride in their work - they're really important things that personify what a good recruiter should look like. A lot of recruitment agencies always recruit certain types of people and haven't looked at different and diverse people who could be improving their teams. Whether that's people who didn't go to university or from backgrounds that don't traditionally go into recruitment - there are people who can flourish with us here.

Part of Emma's aims are to help find those people by defining Hamlyn Williams' brand as an employer;


When people start in recruitment now - it's not as simple as everyone just wants to make money. They want development, a clear career path - a culture that accommodates diversity & inclusion. It's viewed as a 'proper' career which is a really good thing. Hamlyn Williams have a great training programme - a 12 weeks programme which is more than I've seen elsewhere in recruitment - and it's well defined how people can get ahead and achieve promotion. I joined because we have exciting things to offer new starters in all parts of the business - and I'm keen to share that message to people who will hopefully stay with us for the long-term


Throughout my career as a recruiter, I gradually started to want to focus on having responsibility for a brand for a company and attracting talent into that particular company and that's why Talent Acquisition appealed to me so much. Having the chance to be involved in defining Hamlyn Williams offer as an employer, look at our benefits and brand - all that together was something I wanted to be part of at an exciting time for the company

Interested in joining our teams making a difference in 8 offices across the globe? Head to our Careers page for the full details on what it's like working with us.


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