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7 recruitment trends that are here to stay


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The world of recruitment is extremely fast-paced and ever-changing, with job searching for candidates becoming increasingly streamlined. In this article, we will outline 7 major trends that have contributed to the disruption of the recruitment industry. These trends are here to stay during 2019 and beyond, and will impact the recruitment.


1.       Passive candidates are in demand

If you are currently employed with another company then you fall into the category of a passive candidate. Passive candidates are increasing in demand for certain specialist roles as growing skills shortages means that companies seek very experienced individuals that are already operating within their industry. Even if you are not thinking of moving it's always beneficial to keep an ear to the ground just in case that 'dream job' comes up. We can help you make important decisions throughout your career, whether you are actively looking for a new job or just wanting to test the water and see what's out there.


2.       The rise of AI

Artificial Intelligence will play a part in the interviewing and assessment of candidates, particularly within the early stages of the hiring process. This popular new technology is set to streamline and speed up the recruitment process, with the latter stages still being people-led to gauge the cultural fit of a candidate. One prominent example of AI that many companies are implementing is chatbots, which interact with candidates at the beginning of the recruitment process. At Hamlyn Williams, we believe that human interaction is essential. We consult with our customers continuously as we believe that is the most effective way to match candidates with our clients.


3.       The day-long induction

More companies, just after the hiring stage are introducing one-day inductions for their new starters. This is said to increase probationary retention rates by 20%, allowing their new employees to get a feel for the workplace. These inductions involve explaining the businesses’ best practices, expectations, and then provides any clarification required. Hamlyn Williams remains in contact with candidates for up to 6 months after they are placed, providing support even after the induction day has taken place.


4.       Data-driven hiring

The use of ‘Big Data’ is becoming commonplace as firms are implementing certain algorithms on their CV databases that searches for key words and phrases that match their job descriptions. Companies believe that this will increase retention, help to understand what the candidate’s wants and needs are, and predicts candidate success within the role. Getting in touch with a recruiter rather than applying direct to a company has its benefits. We offer a 30-minute consultation to get to know our candidates, this allows us to properly assess whether candidates are a good match for our clients and vice versa.  However, one issue with big data can be found in a case study of Amazon, where their recruitment software discriminated against women as previous employment records favoured men, which is what the system's algorithm based its results off. 


5.       Job searching on-the-go

Mobile job searching is growing rapidly with these on-the-go experiences becoming more sophisticated. The ease-of-use for candidates, especially those with busy and proactive lifestyles, fits perfectly with the concept of mobile job searching. According to Glassdoor, 45% of candidates use their mobile to search for jobs daily. Most job boards now provide intuitive mobile applications with convenient ‘Apply’ buttons and bookmarking features. Furthermore, Google and Facebook are challenging LinkedIn as they now provide job searching tools. Hamlyn Williams offers an excellent mobile experience, try it yourself –


6.       GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation was enforced during May 2018 and seems to be everywhere you look on the Web. GDPR will continue to influence the recruitment industry, with many emails that recruiters send to potential candidates being treated as spam and many businesses needing to ensure that they become GDPR compliant. We ensure that all our customers’ data is protected, that we are fully GDPR compliant, and that email correspondence to customers is relevant, informative, and is not destined for a user’s spam folder.


7.       Candidate experience

Recruiters must ensure that the candidate experience during the entire recruitment process is a positive one. Making use of a recruitment company means that candidates are assisted with the job searching process and can focus on their interviews. We offer consultations, support, guidance, and post-placement care for our customers, thus ensuring that our service to them is of the highest possible standard.


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