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#Halloween - 13 reasons why you shouldn’t be scared to use a Recruiter


Sam Cartwright job search, career

With the arrival of #Halloween, there’s plenty to fear: Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Pennywise the Clown, the amount of money you will need to spend on sweet treats for when all the neighbourhood children come knocking.

If you are looking for a new challenge or a route up the career ladder, one thing you should not shy away in terror from is using a recruitment agency to find you a job. To help crush those nagging doubts, we are going embrace the Halloween superstition surrounding the number 13 by outlining 13 reasons why you should use a recruiter. So, stop hiding behind the sofa or repeating the words ‘Beetle Juice’ in front of the mirror (seriously though, don’t do that!) and make sure you read on. This will change how you go about searching for a new job.


1.      The best things in life are free

Did you know that utilising a recruitment firm is completely free of charge? Well you do now. Our Recruiters will respond to your query, get in touch with you, provide an invaluable consultation, search for your dream job, walk you through the hiring and resignation processes, and provide support after you have been placed in a new role – all at no extra cost to you.


2.      Opportunity knocks

Working with a recruitment firm certainly has its perks. One major unique selling point of utilising the services of a Recruiter is that you can gain access to several unique job opportunities, many that will suit your specialist expertise down to a tee. Often, these types of opportunities are not available elsewhere.


3.      A match made in heaven

Recruiters will match your specific skills set with one of our highly-regarded client partners to ensure that your new role is a perfect fit for you and not to mention, the right move for our client.


4.      Remove ambiguity

Reaching out to a recruitment firm means that you have control over who sees your CV, with Recruiters obliged to share exactly who they will be circulating your CV with. This allows you to be judged more accurately as opposed to if your CV was posted online for anyone to see. After consulting with you, our Recruiters will portray you to clients exactly as you intended.


5.      Less hassle than searching yourself

Searching for a job is incredibly time-consuming, especially if you are the type of candidate we are looking to work with – one that is driven to succeed and therefore invests great time and effort in matching their skills set with a company to suit them.


6.      Meet your career coach

Our recruiters will provide you with their expert advice regarding interview tips and scenarios, the industry, the role and more specifically the client.


7.      Network on a larger scale

Utilising a recruitment firm with industry connections such as the ones that Hamlyn Williams boasts enables you to network with the right industry players. Therefore, not only can you get hired for a role that matches and even exceeds your expectations, but also enhance your industry knowledge in the process.


8.      Become part of a valuable candidate network

Consulting with a Recruiter means that, with your permission, your contact details along with your job requirements and any other relevant information will be added to our candidate database. This means you are saved for future positions that open and we can easily match you with a suitable role in the future, if not right away.


9.      Knowledge of the market

Our Recruiters are trained extensively, and many have years of experience dealing with both clients and candidates that succeed and continue to disrupt within many different regulated industries. Their knowledge of the marketplace gained from this will help you understand the market in which you are looking to be hired within.


10.  Understanding of the role

Recruiters are briefed by the client themselves on each role that is made available. We work to understand not just the job description but also exactly what type of person is required for the role and which skills and experience to highlight to the client when you interview with them.


11.  Understanding of the client

We work with our clients to get to know them, the role they are looking to hire within, exactly what type of candidate they are after, and their company culture. We will then relay this information to you, helping you tailor your CV and interview technique to what is required on behalf of our clients.


12.  Hiring and resignation made easy

Our hiring process consists of an in-depth consultation with you to pull together all necessary information, followed by providing a list of target companies that match your requirements, as well as resignation coaching and preparation. We guide you through each step so that you can focus on preparing for your new role.


13.  Continued support even after you’ve been hired

Our Recruiters will stay in touch with you for up to three months after you have been placed in your new job. We aim to help you achieve success in your role, not just to hire you for it.


So, if you feel the time has come for you to take on a new challenge then it’s time to put yourself out there so you can discover your dream job.

Please get in touch with one of our talented recruitment consultants who will help you guide your way into a new job. For more information contact us at, or find out more by visiting