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#WorldAnimalDay: How to job hunt effortlessly like a lion hunts its’ prey


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Jumping like a kangaroo from one job to another? Looking to climb the career ladder like a spider climbs a web? Want to make sure you aren’t barking up the wrong tree? Seeking roaring success in your career? Read this blog post and you’ll be like a fish swimming in a sea of opportunity. Oh, and the puns don’t stop there…

To coincide with #WorldAnimalDay, we’re going to let you know how to emerge as leader of the pack when you feel it’s time to start searching for another job.


The early bird catches the worm

Although some candidates submit their applications close to the deadline, we know that early applicants, for the most part hold an advantage. Furthermore, we know that early applicants are more: forward-thinking, analytical, motivated, outgoing, and persuasive; compared with late applicants.

The saying “the early bird catches the worm” has never been more relevant when you begin an initial job search. Most candidates already within a role take 2-3 months job searching. Applying for jobs early can not only cut down on your search time, but also enables you to build up practice in job applications, as well as putting yourself at an immediate advantage over other applicants.

When you work with a recruiter they can tell you about the best jobs on the market, letting you know about exciting new roles. Also, being responsive to recruitment consultants can help us get you shortlisted for employment quicker.


Don’t go on a wild goose chase

Mary Ellen Slayter, Career Expert at once delivered this statement:

"Quality over quantity. No one should be applying for 'thousands' of jobs... You're setting yourself up for disappointment."

Constantly submitting applications for hundreds, even thousands of jobs may seem like a good tactic when you consider the law of averages. However, there are a number of downsides to conducting your job search in this manner:

  1. It’s extremely time consuming – the sheer volume of applications you are submitting is simply a waste of time, compared with the time you could be spending carefully applying for jobs more suited to your requirements
  2. It’s a self-esteem killer – applying for this excessive number of jobs will surely lead to many rejections due to the number of applications and the lack of care taken when aimlessly bouncing your resume around
  3. Feedback may be misleading – employers may negatively feedback to you if you take little care when applying for jobs, but when you take your time applying and give 100% effort, feedback (whether positive or negative) will be an accurate judgement

Partnering with a recruitment firm can really help guide you through your decision from leaving a company to finding that perfect role.


Be like a duck, calm on the surface but paddling like crazy underneath

Here are some ways to stay under the radar when applying for jobs:

If you are searching for a job whilst employed, it is of paramount importance to stay focused at your current job. Changing your behaviour or using the company’s time to search for jobs is (in lots of cases) unprofessional and it can also hinder performance and diminish your achievements at your current company. Not to mention, it encourages your employer to give you a poor reference if the time comes to move on.

Finding a job can be time consuming, however using a good recruiter can help save you time as they do lots of the leg work for you. Our recruiters can guide you through the process, taking the time to set up a 30-minute consultation with you to understand your exact job requirements. We will then search for your ideal job and get back to you as soon as we can.

LinkedIn has many useful features, not only for recruiters but for candidates who are searching for a new challenge. You can either make use of the ‘Open Candidate’ feature or privately update your employment status without notifying all your connections. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is looking good, that you've got a picture and the content is correct and up to date.


So, if you feel the time has come for you to take on a new challenge then it’s time to put yourself out there so you can discover your dream job.

Please get in touch with one of our talented recruitment consultants who will help you guide your way into a new job. For more information contact us at, or find out more by visiting