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Thanksgiving: A time to rest, to celebrate, and to job search


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It’s Thanksgiving today over in the US; the perfect time to recharge your batteries, relax with the family post-Thanksgiving dinner and share what you’re thankful for over the past year. Even if you are not in the US or don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, this is well worth a read.

If you’re from the US or work with someone from the US, you’ll know that Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays of the year, it’s about friends and family coming together. Whilst many job seekers slowdown in their search during Thanksgiving through until the end of the year, this is actually the time to increase your job search efforts, so see what’s on the market before the New Year’s rush.

Plenty of great companies are looking to hire for the New Year and that includes a number of our prestigious clients. Getting in touch with us at this time of year can set you up in that dream job you have been waiting for. To find out more about how to stay ahead of the game, read our previous blog article on how to job hunt effortlessly, by clicking here.

The recruitment process can differ in length depending on the type of job you are looking for. More often than not the process lasts well over a month when you take into consideration: consultations, interviews, consideration and deliberation periods, etc. That’s why getting in touch with us at Hamlyn Williams over this holiday period can mean that you’re hired ready for the New Year, giving you time off over Christmas and New Year before you kick off the next chapter in your career.

Companies look to volunteer this time of year, which helps you give back to your local community. Helping the less fortunate at this time of year makes a hugely positive impact to these people, particularly if they are struggling for a hot meal, with the temperature dropping, and if they do not have any close friends or family to share the time of year with. Not to mention, showing that you can take the initiative to undertake volunteer work, with no financial incentive is excellent to showcase on your CV.

Whilst it's tempting during the festive period to step back and wait for the New Year to start your job hunt, it's a great time to test the waters and see what's out there. You can remain active by getting in touch with us via email or LinkedIn, and networking with your peers to gauge a better idea of what the next step in your career looks like.

If you’re looking for a new challenge, then why not check out what jobs we are currently recruiting for at or get in touch by emailing

Oh… and Happy Thanksgiving!