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Are you a graduate? Are you looking to work in a fast-paced growing industry? Looking to be part of a team that supports you through your career and gets involved in out-of-hours socialising? If you answered yes to all three of these questions, then a career in recruitment may be just what you need.

The former COO of General Electric, Lawrence Bossidy once said: “Nothing is more important than hiring and developing people.” This rings true for your career at Hamlyn Williams as you will build up your own portfolio of clients and candidates, learn fast, and grow within your role as you progress through the business.

Are you looking for a job that offers you one of the following?


1.    Meritocracy

You can see great financial rewards from the hard work that you put in. You will already be incentivised enough to adhere to the needs of your customers. Moreover, you receive a commission for each candidate placed as a bonus for your efforts and service to your customers.

One of our Recruiters in our London office placed four candidates in the space of a week, earning a healthy commission on each. Imagine seeing that pay check in your bank account at the end of the month – what a reward for all your hard work.


2.    International Opportunity

You will be provided with the unique opportunity to work in any one of our global offices, including: London, Cardiff, New York, Dallas, and Hong Kong. One of our Recruiters in the US had the dream of setting up an office in Hong Kong, so our CEO listened and let them take the lead on it. Thanks to the desire of our team, you now have the opportunity to work in Hong Kong or one of our other global offices.


3.    You’ll be G.R.E.A.T.

You will be expected to:

-      Go the extra mile – you will go the extra mile to adhere to your customer’s needs

-      Resilient – you will be resilient in how hard you work for your customers

-      Expectations – you will be determined to exceed the expectations of your customers

-      Assertiveness – you will be assertive by communicating effectively

-      Transparent – you will be transparent through honesty and integrity


4.    Culture & Rewards

You will be part of a fun, friendly, and fast-paced working environment where your colleagues will help and advise you throughout your recruitment journey. Our monthly sales days give you the chance to engage in some healthy competition with teams from our global offices to win prizes. Our teams are often socialising with one another outside of business hours so once you become part of the Hamlyn Williams family, you won’t want to leave! Check out our Instagram page for posts around Halloween time where we hosted our latest sales day -


5.    Your Personal Development

You will have all the tools you need to build your own successful recruitment portfolio. Our career-long training programme will give you all the guidance and support you need. The programme will develop your skills from your first day of recruiting, all the way through to managing your own team. One of our Recruiters in the US joined the firm a few years ago in an entry-level role - now they are responsible for the entire Contracts division. This could be you in a few years if you join us and continuously display this level of desire and ingenuity.


6.    Entrepreneurial by Nature

At Hamlyn Williams, you are encouraged to be entrepreneurial by creating opportunities for your customers as well as yourself. We want you to always be alive to opportunity, that’s why you have the option to work in any number of our global offices.

One Recruiter in Hong Kong bagged themselves four promotions in a single year. This came from their entrepreneurial nature in which they identified and then seized the opportunity of recruiting in a new space. Your ideas are always welcome and can lead to some great business being done, with your career moving along at an unbelievable pace.


7.    Become a Market Expert

You will become a market expert through the relationships you build and the conversations you have with your clients. These clients will be some of the biggest players in their respective industries. You will be encouraged to interact with them regularly, divulging information for future reference and to pass on to your candidates to assist them through the recruitment process.


8.    Being a Recruiter is an Interactive Job

You won’t just be stuck to your desk the entire time, you will be responsible for liaising with both clients and candidates in the form of face-to-face meetings to accommodate for them, understand their needs, and continue to build proactive relationships.


We are constantly looking to recruit for entry-level roles such as Associate Consultant which provides you with the best opportunity to step onto the career ladder. Also, to work in a fantastic and fast-paced industry, grow your reputation as a Recruiter, earn promotions for your hard work, and not to mention reap the financial rewards along the way.

If you would like to be considered for a role or for further information, please either contact or see our latest job vacancies at