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9 Winter work tips to make the days go quicker


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Today is officially the first day of Winter and we know it can be difficult making your way into work on these chilly and ever so short days. However, we’ve come up with 9 top tips to stay warm and well this Winter.


1.    Dress wisely

During the Winter months, the temperature can drop rapidly in a short space of time. You don’t want to be caught out in the cold. By that, we mean wrap up warm! We’re talking windbreaker, gloves, scarf, and even bringing along a thermal blanket to the office, just in case you feel a chill whilst you’re checking your emails.


2.    Change up your work routine

Routine can be very important to the organisation and success of an individual. However, this Winter, why not change things up a little? The days can be dark, and the weather can be bleak, so in order to avoid the Winter blues, it might be best to keep things interesting by switching up your schedule day-by-day, so you don’t fall into a slump.


3.    Keep up to date with the weather

Picture this – it’s first thing in the morning, it’s freezing outside and still dark, you have a full day’s work ahead of you, you summon all of your will to get up out of your cosy, comfortable bed, get right to the end of your morning routine, step outside and your car is covered in ice. Before you go to bed, check the weather report for the next day and work out whether you need to get up a little earlier. There’s nothing worst than turning up for work late after all that effort in the morning. Waking up 20 minutes or so earlier will give you enough time to make it to work, even if the weather takes a turn for the worst. We know, 20 minutes earlier? We believe in you!


4.    Regular breaks

We know that the average attention span of an employee is between 30-45 minutes, so take a few minutes to stand at your desk, chat to a colleague, pop over to the kettle, or go for a bit of fresh air. Regular stoppages during the working day can make a world of difference to your performance, so try not to be stuck at your desk constantly.


5.    Remain organised and focused

It is of paramount importance to remain organised and focused during these long Winter months. It may seem obvious but losing focus or lagging behind on projects can decrease productivity, thus increasing your stress levels and therefore, worsening your mood during this time. Being behind on your work and increasing stress is the last thing you need. Instead, grab yourself a festive-themed hot chocolate, pull up a weekly planner and work out exactly what you will be doing for the week to stay ahead of the game.


6.    Recognition for yourself and for others

Complimenting your fellow colleagues on their hard work and valuable contributions to the business means that they will often reciprocate. This may appear as though it’s a small factor of your working day but can actually make all the difference in boosting morale around the place – give it a try and spread some Christmas joy.


7.    Eat well

It’s essential to keep fit and healthy this Winter, with the temperature tumbling and cold & flu taking its course, eating well can make all the difference. This may sound painful but stay with us here – we recommend you ditch or at least cut right down on sugary drinks and comfort food (aside from Christmas Day, we’re not monsters!) As well as this, introducing plenty of Vitamin D into your diet is one of many ways to avoid illness and also improves your mood.


8.    Embrace new tasks and goals

We previously mentioned that it might be a good idea to change up your work routine. Well, one major component of this is embracing new tasks and setting yourself new goals. Taking on new tasks or helping out colleagues can increase work load but also boost morale and increase productivity. Setting yourself new goals can improve your sense of achievement and changing up your daily schedule, making the days go quicker.


9.    Get into the Christmas spirit

Why not, right? After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. When we talk about getting into the Christmas spirit, we mean no half measures. Decorate your desk and wear your worst Christmas jumper (if these are permitted), enjoy mince pies and mulled wine after a long day at work, put up the Christmas tree and tinsel around the office, and crank up the Christmas songs.


We hope these tips help you at work in the coming months. Alternatively, why not join a fun, fast-paced global recruitment business? We encourage all of the above and are still hiring around our global offices.

If you’re interested in a career with us, email with a copy of your CV or call 0203 675 2920. We look forward to hearing from you.