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19 Career Resolutions for 2019


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Happy New Year! As we venture into 2019, many of you may have set yourselves new year’s resolutions. That’s great, however these are often only with regards to your personal life. Why not set yourself new year career resolutions as well? Here’s just a few to start you off…

1.    Update your CV

Keeping your CV up-to-date is a great way to track your achievements and progress over your career. Maintaining an up-to-date CV will also enable you to be fully prepared for a job search if the time arises.

2.    Manage your online presence

Make sure you remove any embarrassing Christmas/ New Year photos on social media and more importantly, update your LinkedIn profile. This is essentially your online CV which showcases you as a professional and for example, updating your headshot authenticates your personal brand.

3.    Utilise social networks

Social media is great for personal use but in particular; LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are excellent for professional use as well. Specifically, for networking purposes and following key brands and influencers.

4.    Update your skills set

When was the last time you took an online course in your field of work or in another area that you wish to dedicate time to? It’s a good idea to enhance and/or expand your skills set to impress your boss.

5.    Expand your network

Attending networking events and growing your LinkedIn connections is a great way of meeting other professionals. Socialising with different types of professionals operating within your own industry can provide you with an enhanced perspective.

6.    Assess your career goals

It may be a while since you made a note of your career goals or compared your recent activity to ensure that they are somewhat in line with these goals. It’s important to retain clarity when moving up the career ladder, to ensure you are on the right path.

7.    Take on impactful projects

It’s a new year, time to be bold! Take the initiative to sit down with your Manager and discuss what projects are available for you to get involved with or even take the lead on, in order to boost your progress within your company and to impress your Manager.

8.    Pick up smaller tasks around the office

When returning to work after the holidays, the first few weeks can be strenuous on you and your team, especially if employees are still on annual leave. Pick up extra admin work/ tasks to help your team out, lightening the load and developing a good rapport with colleagues.

9.    Build relationships with colleagues

Whether you have a strong working relationship with your colleagues or whether you’re shy around the office, still continue to chat to colleagues for a few minutes during short breaks to maintain a positive relationship. This will pay dividends as the workplace atmosphere will flourish, benefiting your whole team.

10.  Maintain a positive work-life balance

We know that work can be stressful, particularly when returning from a lengthy break and kicking off a new year. However, maintaining a healthy work-life balance will help avoid stress and avoid you falling into the trap of overworking yourself.

11.  De-clutter your physical and digital space

Take a brief time-out during this period to delete unnecessary files on your computer and to organise your documents. Also, tidy up your workspace to stay focused and organised.

12.  Love Mondays

If it is possible, dedicate an hour every Monday doing a task that you favour so that you break-down your first day of the week and feel a sense of positivity. This is a great way of dodging the Monday blues.

13.  Be prepared for future job searches

Start saving job ads that are of interest to you so that you can keep up-to-date on what job trends are occurring in your industry, requirements, your preferred jobs and so on. We are constantly updating our job vacancies on our website, LinkedIn, and other job boards.

14.  Allocate brainstorming time

If your Manager will allow it, allocated 30 minutes to an hour of brainstorming time each week. It may be a good idea to do this at close-of-business on Fridays to prioritise your main work.

15.  Stay healthy

Maintain a healthy diet perhaps by preparing your own lunches, whilst also keeping fit and active during this cold season. This will help you feel positive and avoid catching a cold or flu.

16.  Read a career-related or motivational book

This may sound slightly time-consuming or unorthodox. However, reading a career-related or motivational book, perhaps before bed may just provide you with the inspiration and the advice you need.

17.  Keep up-to-date with your industry

Following influencers on social media, reading relevant blog articles (like those found on, networking, and most of all reading your industry’s highly regarded publications will all help in staying up-to-date with the latest trends.

18.  Do something you love every day

Even if this is just for 15-30 minutes, performing an interesting task or getting involved with a favoured project each day will make for a pleasant addition to your daily schedule.

19.  Keep a to-do list

Finally, keeping a to-do list whether that be written down in a notebook or using an application on your mobile device or work computer will help you keep track of your busy schedule, determine priorities, and identify which stakeholders you need to liaise with.

We hope you’ve found this article useful. If you want to apply your new-found resolutions to a brand-new role, then why not apply for one of our many exciting roles at

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