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New year, new job - Why right now is a great time to apply


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We’re beginning to get into the swing of things in 2019. Some of you may have started in a new job, many of you may be looking for a new challenge in this new year but are worried you have missed the boat, so to speak. Well, fear not! The new year is actually a great time to apply for jobs. In this article, we will outline why it’s one of the best times to apply.

Many companies receive their budget for the year, which in the UK continues to rise year-on-year due to the fact that the economy is steadily seeing growth each year, since the economic downturn of 2008. The annual budget often has a substantial amount set aside for the hiring of new employees. This means that businesses are actively looking to fill roles.

During the 2nd week of January, most employees in a business will make their return from the holiday season, this includes the likes of HR who look to get involved in hiring new staff when the new year begins. Furthermore, we know that the greatest number of decision-makers in a company are in the office together compared to the rest of the year. This means that they can lend their opinion on the hiring process and push HR/ Internal Talent teams to prioritise new hires.

Firms regularly provide their employees with bonuses during the month of December. Staff looking to leave an organisation around the holiday period will often wait it out until the new year, in order to first receive their Christmas bonus. This leaves an unexpected increased amount of job openings, therefore with a greater level of urgency to fill them.

Job postings usually ramp up on job boards at this time of year. Most job boards enable candidates to apply easily on one simple-to-use platform, with tailored job search parameters also on offer. Hamlyn Williams is currently advertising a plethora of specialist jobs on these job boards: LinkedIn, eFinancial Careers, Dice, and more.

Believe it or not, despite the spike in job postings and hiring activity from businesses, January is also a time when applications decrease. This offers you a statistically greater chance of finding employment when you apply for any given role.

Finally, January is also the best time to network. Studies show that networking events and online networking increases greatly during the new year period. This allows you to gain information from peers, colleagues, and industry influencers on potential new roles and the very latest hiring trends.

If you feel you are ready for a new challenge then why not apply for one of many specialist roles with Hamlyn Williams? See the latest vacancies at Alternatively, email your CV to or give us a call on 0203 675 2920. Happy job hunting!