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Work trends that are set to shape the future


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The working environment is a constant source of change and can be very sensitive to economic, political, environmental, and social trends. To make sense of this, within this article we discuss predicted trends, changes and developments for you and your career moving forward.

Of course, there’s only one place to begin. You guessed it, AI! These days, it’s virtually impossible to discuss anything without mentioning artificial intelligence. This is for a good reason, it’s growing at an exceptional rate and as mentioned in our previous blog The new age of financial crime, we now see AI moving from the discovery phase into the implementation phase.

We believe AI can alleviate some of the manual tasks of employees. Certain manual tasks which we could see AI take over are the automation aspects of a role, such as analysis of corporate financial data in order to assess a firm’s financial stability.

Job boards (e.g. LinkedIn) and review sites, such as Glassdoor are becoming rapidly more sophisticated. You may be forgiven for thinking that job boards are simply a place which you may use to easily apply for numerous vacancies on one single platform. You will also be forgiven for assuming that review sites are just a tool for ranking a business out of 5 stars alongside either a positive, negative or mixed comment. However, both of these types of platforms have implemented hugely efficient and highly sophisticated algorithms which can match you with your most suited role and/or company. These algorithms are likely to evolve to predict the outcome of placements with regards to candidate satisfaction levels upon a prospect undertaking a new role.

Major changes within an industry give rise to new jobs being created. We don’t just mean in terms of vacancies, we also mean with regards to new roles! With the rise of AI comes to the increasingly likely prospect of AI and Machine Learning Specialists being employed within businesses. This would be for the purpose of inputting and cleaning data within the system so that a business’ AI is operating at maximum efficiency.

One recent technological innovation which goes somewhat hand-in-hand with AI is big data. Big data could improve upon the assessment of candidate soft skills and weaknesses which may be missed in the traditional interview scenario. Furthermore, LinkedIn’s study of Global Talent Trends 2019 noted soft skills as one of the four main trends within recruitment moving forward. Within the study, LinkedIn refers to soft skills (candidate’s ability to interact with others) is a trait which only 53% of businesses have implemented a formal process for assessing.  

The other three emerging trends that LinkedIn discussed in their report were: work flexibility with an increase of 78% in LinkedIn job posts that mention this over the past two years alone, anti-harassment in the workplace, and pay transparency thanks to growing awareness of the gender pay gap. Other studies also show that a more diversified workplace is another growing trend for the obvious reasons and the fact that this has proven to produce a more positive work atmosphere.

Whilst we’re all waiting for these exciting changes to come to fruition, why not secure your dream job by contacting one of the world’s fastest-growing recruitment firms? If you’re interested in pursuing a new career challenge, email with an up-to-date copy of your CV or call 0203 675 2920. We look forward to hearing from you!