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Green with career envy? Find a role with charm this Paddy’s Day


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It’s St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday and at a time of the year where half the world seems to celebrate together, we thought why not be this enthusiastic about your job? You will spend so much time in work, happiness in your career is an absolute necessity! So, to mark Paddy’s Day, we’re going to help you stop feeling green with career envy at other people who are in their dream jobs and instead, help you find a role with charm so you can enjoy your work along with the festivities.

A great way to weigh up whether or not to take that next step in your career is to consider many different aspects of a potential new job. The first is stress, “3 in 5 UK office workers consider their workloads to be excessive, often with daily struggles to meet deadlines” (read more). Consider the role but also the working environment of the company, when you visit their workplace and read through their company mantra, does it suggest that they are a deadline-oriented firm and if so, would this be a good fit for you?

Second, what does their interview process look like? 53% of leavers said they exited because the job did not suit them (read more). If soft skills (networking, teamwork, decision making, problem-solving, and critical thinking) are assessed, the employer may well be the right fit for you. Soft skills are often essential these days. Employers are looking for more than just the right qualifications, they are looking to see whether an individual aligns with their company culture.

Third, consider what is essential to you in your new job, for example, many people operating within the Technology sector value flexible working hours due to the nature of their occupation and the fact that the majority of these employees can conduct their work remotely.

Fourth, look out for red flags associated with the company who you are applying for, specifically: Poor communication – how professional and frequent are their correspondence with you over email or the telephone? Interview experience – was the interview process a fair and proper assessment of your hard and soft skills? Other candidates – do they keep referring to others who have applied for the same role as you as this is an unprofessional approach to take? Misleading information – does the job description match what they are talking through during the interview stage? Office atmosphere – does this appear a friendly and productive place of work?   

Fifth, if not alluded to on the job description or within their company culture which should be outlined on their website, ask the employer about their performance management practices. Do they stick with the annual review or do they continuously assess performance? Which one would you work best with?

Finally, research the firm’s CSR practices, especially if the company culture is important as this would likely go hand-in-hand with how a business engages with, for example, community outreach programmes. Studies have shown that an organisation’s corporate social responsibility really matters! 74% of 18-24-year-olds and 66% of over 35-year-olds would be happier in a company with a positive focus on CSR (read more).

This is a lot to take in and if you are looking for a new challenge when it comes to your career, get in touch with Hamlyn Williams. We work with clients who continuously innovate and re-define within their industries and we can guide you through each step of the recruiting process, ensuring that your next career move is the perfect fit for you.

To apply for a role, visit our Job Search page or for more information, email or call 0203 675 2920.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!