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It’s International Women’s Day this Friday and we thought what better way to celebrate than showcasing some of the most influential women within the Banking space. Women only hold 14% of senior roles within private equity firms, hedge funds, and financial services companies, growing by just 2% over the previous 5 years (read more here).

We have selected 10 inspiring women, a range from across the industry and many great companies are providing initiatives internally to support women in banking:


Sallie Krawcheck – CEO & Co-Founder, Ellevest

Sallie is not only the CEO & Co-Founder of Ellevest, a digital-first, mission-driven investment platform for women, but also chair’s the Ellevate Network which provides career advice to a large network of professional women across the globe. Sallie’s professional mission is to help women reach their financial and professional goals.

On top of these two monumental responsibilities, she also juggles her role as Chair of the Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Leadership Fund, which invests in the top-rated companies for advancing women. As if all of that wasn’t enough, she is also a best-selling author of “Own It: The Power of Women at Work.”


Andrea Newman – Global Head of Marketing, HSBC

Andrea Newman is responsible for the advertising production and media placement of the HSBC Group’s brand communications, throughout the world. On top of this, Andrea headed up HSBC’s advertising within 48 airports across the globe and manages the group’s global agency and marketing services network. This is all from an amazing 21-year stint within one of the world’s leading banks.

It isn’t just HSBC where her focus lies, she also happens to be a Non-Executive Director at YouGov, an international data and analytics group, operating within the Market Research space.


Catherine Wines – Director & Co-Founder, WorldRemit Ltd

Catherine co-founded WordRemit back in 2010, a digital money transfer platform which gives customers the ability to complete online money transfers within 145 countries around the world. Catherine is a keen and regular speaker on industry panels and conferences, with outstanding expertise within business development, finance, project management, M&A, systems integration, and migration & turnaround.

Catherine oversees the day-to-day running of the following WorldRemit functions: compliance, customer service, partner integrations, and the launch of new send and receive options. She represents WorldRemit with keynote appearances at major conferences and in the international media, talking around topics such as FinTech, innovation, and women in business.


Juliette Souliman – Early Stage VC Investor, Octopus Ventures

Juliette Souliman heads up both the FinTech and InsurTech investment teams at Octopus Ventures. Juliette started to gain wanted attention when she set-up an endurance events marketplace firm back in her home country, The Netherlands.

She has a plethora of other responsibilities, aside from being the youngest investment professional at Octopus Ventures. These include being a keynote speaker at the cutting-edge technology conference on FinTech and Banking technology, Finovate Europe. She is also an advocate for more diversity in FinTech, especially within FinTech funding.


Mary Ellen Iskenderian – President & CEO, Women’s World Banking

Mary Ellen Iskenderian heads up a global non-profit organisation, devoted to giving more low-income women access to financial tools that will enable them to achieve security and prosperity. This organisation, Women’s World Banking also boasts a $50m Investment Committee which Mary happens to be a member of.

Previously, Mary spent 17 years at the International Finance Corporation and also worked for Lehman Brothers prior to that. She is a prominent member of both the Women’s Forum of New York and the Business and Sustainable Development Commission.


Cathy Bessant – Chief Operations & Technology Officer, Bank of America

Cathy Bessant has spent the last 9 years heading up Bank of America’s Global Technology & Operations division. Cathy is an outstanding and extremely valuable member of the team for Bank of America, however it’s her additional input into the world of Banking that has gained her the most significant recognition.

Cathy is an Executive Sponsor for the firm’s LGBT Pride Executive Board and back in 2018, claimed the Distinguished Service Award for her work in the community from the University of North Carolina. She was also awarded the prestigious Women in Business Lifetime Achievement Award from the Charlotte Business Journal. Her accomplishments don’t stop there, incredibly she also led the Council on the Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence, served on the board of directors for Zurich Insurance Group, and to top it all off, has been ranked No.1 for 2 consecutive years among the 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking list.


Marianne Lake – Chief Financial Officer, JP Morgan Chase

Marianne Lake currently has the responsibility of holding the position of CFO at JP Morgan Chase. Marianne is widely tipped to succeed their long-running CEO thanks to her overwhelming success in keeping track of $2.5 trillion worth of assets and developing strategies for each of the bank’s business units.

Marianne is also responsible for the introduction of innovate automation technology within the bank and has been dubbed by many as the ‘First Lady of Wall Street’ with her incredible achievements and resilience, topped off by her eloquent and sophisticated British accent!


Nandita Bakhshi – President & CEO, Bank of the West

After more than 25 years of experience, Nandita Bakhshi now oversees over 10,000 employees at Bank of the West, as President & CEO. She previously held positions in Retail banking and Payments and is now among the prestigious list of the 25 Women to Watch in Banking.

Nandita’s vision, which she has been implementing in her role as President & CEO over the past few years includes an improved customer experience, solidified brand reputation, and to build a culture of innovation.


Barbara J. Desoer – CEO, Citibank

Barbara J. Desoer is the Chief Executive Officer of one of the world’s leading banks, Citibank. She also leads the group’s AML (anti-money laundering) function, whilst also contributing to their Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review process.

Barbara previously had a 35-year career with Bank of America, before moving on to Citigroup where she served as Co-Head of their Global Women’s Initiative. She has also served in various non-profit board positions over the years. As well as this, Barbara is a member of the Board of Visitors at the University of California.


Kate Quinn – Vice Chairman & Chief Administrative Officer, U.S. Bank

Katherine Quinn, better known as Kate is Vice Charmain & Chief Administrative Officer at U.S. Bank. Kate serves on the boards of several local organisations, is an advocate for women in leadership, and heads up three divisions within U.S. Bank: Human Resources, Strategy, and Corporate Affairs.

Kate oversees the strategy, reputation, and people work elements of the business and has been integral to their reputation for having incredibly loyal customers after implementing a community-first engagement strategy with the public.


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