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Why I Chose Hamlyn Williams


Reggie Thrower

A Q&A with Jack Flaherty

Why did you join Hamlyn Williams?

Good question! I wanted to be a part of a company with that startup mentality, that adopted an  entrepreneurial approach, had increasing growth plans and I wanted to join a brand that knew what they were trying to accomplish in the market. I think Hamlyn Williams is the perfect combination of the teamwork and resilience.

Nonetheless, Hamlyn Williams knows exactly what they want to do, everyone I spoke to at Hamlyn Williams knew what they wanted to be, everyone working together to get where the brand wants to get to, through specialised recruitment mechanisms to achieve the company’s goals as well as our own.

Why did you become a recruiter?

I think, like most people you tend to fall into recruitment. I suppose from a sales background, I had experience selling, so from a personal perspective I loved speaking to people and loved meeting new people, engaging with them was something I loved doing.

Delving further into my background, growing up in a multicultural part of London, I guess it was easy speaking to people from different backgrounds, different ages, different beliefs and values.

Communicating with people was fairly natural, I thought if I could do a job, where it highlights situations that I love doing, it would be a good career path to be successful in, something that I was a natural at and also enjoyed. I think, not only does recruitment have a great career path ahead, it’s financially rewarding and enjoyable at the same. There’s never a dull moment, every day there is a new challenge and goals to complete!

Are you looking forward to San Diego?

Absolutely! I’ve been to California quite a few times and it’s been a goal for me over the last few years to move to the west coast. I’m glad that I’ve accomplished this and being at Hamlyn Williams has enabled me to do so. I’m excited to be moving there, I’m excited about the fresh new challenge, especially the company’s goal to make our mark on the Californian market. From a personal perspective, I’m looking forward to the challenge and I’m sure it will be both rewarding and enjoyable.