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Ambitious, Collaborative, Fun- A Q&A with Ryan Burton


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Why did you join HW?


The vision of being market leaders in each vertical by the end of 2020. I joined Hamlyn Williams from a very successful and already established agency in the UK, and personally, I really wanted to live and work in NYC.


After interviewing with a few firms, HW was the most impressive based purely off of the ambition that they had. HW is one of the fastest growing international agencies in the world and after speaking to the leaders of the business in NYC, I was blown away by what they had achieved in such a short space of time. No brainer for me!


How long did it take to see the vision at HW?


The success that I have seen at the company in such a short space of time. When I joined, the NYC office was 22/23 people, now we are at 40+ after 12 months with plans to double that in no time at all - It just shows how fast we are growing and how true to the 2020 ambition the company is.


What’s your biggest achievement?


I started the legal function from scratch, recruiting within the intellectual property with no clients and no candidates on the internal database. 12 months later I manage a team of legal recruiters after developing some excellent relationships with some brilliant law firms, life sciences companies and in-house IP functions. We have built a very successful team and we are only going to get better.


3 words to describe HW


  • Ambitious
  • Collaborative
  • Fun


What would you say to someone wanting to join Hamlyn Williams?


There is no limit to what you can achieve at HW. I have seen people go from complete rookie to one of the most successful consultants globally in a very short space to time.


I have also seen someone managing two or three people to opening their own office within 10 months... it is a very meritocratic environment and if you work hard, you can achieve whatever goals you have along with the fun you have along the way.

If you, like Ryan, are ambitious and want to have the opportunity to develop and manage your own team, then contact us at