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My new career at Hamlyn Williams


Reggie thrower

Why did you choose to join Hamlyn Williams? 

Meeting all the managers was important to me, in most interviews I’ve been to you don’t really get to meet directors or the CEO and that really stuck with me throughout. They take recruiting and hiring very seriously and that alone made me feel even more determined and valued when I got the role. The managers made quite an impression on me and they were definitely people I wanted to work with. I knew they could help me further my career.

The niche specialisms that they operate in also stood out to me, in particular, life sciences and the pharmaceutical sector.  Also, the location is great! Based In the heart of London, there’s always something to do as it’s an amazing city.

Describe your journey so far, what do you like about the role and also the team?

My journey so far has been great!  It’s down to a combination of my own hard work and also the team, in particular, my managing director and colleagues who have been supportive with me every step of the way in the beginning.

In general, it’s a great environment for me. It’s a competitive, hardworking and vibrant environment which I thrive in. I really like to be in those types of places with that buzz and personality. The teams great, we often go for team meetings, team lunches, and because it’s quite a small close-knit team, there’s a real connection between the colleagues. You can sense that when you enter the office.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking of joining Hamlyn Williams?

Well if you’re a hardworking, entrepreneurial, ambitious graduate or person in general, that wants to be part of a company that really cares for you and has a platform for you to progress, then I think Hamlyn Williams will be the best place for you to succeed and start your career.