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2020 Vision- The Plan for North America


Reggie Thrower

What are your plans for the expansion of Hamlyn Williams in North America?

For New York, our headcount is currently 40. We’re looking to build upon this figure in the next few months hopefully to around 50. What’s really exciting at the moment is that we’re looking at new office spaces!

We’ve begun the process of looking for new offices in New York that can host around 80-100 personnel, which is awesome. For NYC it’s all about growth, we want to become a dominant player in that market within the verticals we’re in. We’ve also got a really strong management team in place now so we are in a really good position to grow. The big thing for us is finding the right talent because we are very selective of who we bring in. We want great additions to the team that will take Hamlyn Williams forward.

We made a few key hires, we’ve brought in Cat Cox for learning and development. A new head of talent in Joyia Johnson. And the amazing Stephanie continues to manage operations for us. We now have the support structure in place to now grow exponentially. It will certainly be an exciting experience when we move into a 100 personnel office!

For our expansion in North America, we definitely want to grow Dallas over the next 12 months. We’re currently at 6 people and we want to push forward and double our headcount for that particular office. We’ve got a very experienced team there, some amazing people in place, so now we just need to find the talent to support them and build the business.

We’ve recently opened San Diego, which attracted a huge amount of interest from the external market. Working for a company that consistently improves, as well as also opening a new office in a fantastic city like San Diego, is a pretty enticing proposition.

Overall, so far so good, it’s been really exciting to see, Matt’s done an amazing job. At the moment our current headcount is 6 but we’re looking to double that to either 12 or 15 which again would showcase how aggressive our growth plan is. Overall we want to double everything in the next 12 months.


Top tips for Juniors and Seniors alike, wishing to join us?

We’re transparent and honest to everyone about who we are. It’s important for anyone wishing to join us to understand that they're coming into a very ambitious brand. We’re all aspiring to perform at very high levels. If you’re goal-orientated, competitive, ambitious and you want to further your career significantly, but understand that it will be a tough journey, but you will also have a lot of fun on the way, then Hamlyn Williams is certainly the place to be in the recruitment industry.


Why should you join HW if you’re a Senior Consultant?

It’s an interesting question because 75%  of our hires are entry-level. I think for seniors what we tend to find is that we’re a very attractive proposition, for those who want to push their career down the leadership route.

For ourselves, we’re looking to grow exponentially and we have been growing a lot. I think the biggest reason to join us would be if you’ve felt that you have stagnated in your current role, and you’re in a business that doesn’t match your ambition or growth plans. As soon as they start developing and doing well they’ll have the opportunity to progress and manage their own team. That’s the big selling point for most experienced recruiters.


We also have top tier commission schemes at every single level, we have excellent management commission, excellent personal commission, and very clear promotional criteria whereby, they will get promoted as they grow their team, or by the number of deals that they do and the revenue that they generate.


How has Hamlyn Williams supported you in your journey so far?

I’ve been with the company for three years, it’s been an awesome journey so far!

The big opportunity was joining the business whilst it was small and still growing. I feel like I’ve been given the trust and the autonomy, to build the business in the way that I would like to and the way it should be done. And that’s really important to me.

Aside from that we now have an extremely strong support structure in place. That wasn’t there at the start but now we have a marketing team, really good talent acquisition team, a global COO who has really helped streamline our processes and help us understand how we scale the business. There’s a lot of people I can draw on now for advice and delegate tasks to.


What are some of your key stand out achievements?

I’d pick out two main things- the growth in the last 3 years, we’ve grown from 8 to 50 people in the US and from one office to 3. For me, that’s always what we’re pushing for. To achieve that over the 3 years is really exciting. We’ve obviously got a lot more work to do, the game never ends! When I look back at that, that is something I’m quite proud about.

The second thing I’d say would be the team, seeing them grow and develop. We had people come to the company that didn’t even know what recruitment was. And now seeing some of those guys, become members of management, managing anything from 3-12 people, opening offices and also becoming shareholders. Within their first 3 years of the industry is really exciting.

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