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Survival Guide: The Office Christmas Party


Niomi Cowling

‘Tis the season to be jolly and get into the Christmas spirit. Here at HW (most of us, eek!) are loving the office decorations and general cheer that is starting to take hold of the office.

The office Christmas party is a great time to meet new people and build better working relationships across the business (see our tips on this below). However, it’s possible to overindulge this festive season and the Office Christmas party is often a mine field of HR issues and embarrassing stories(!!). Many of us will be able to recall a story from a party that perhaps caused embarrassment on the Monday morning back in the office. This year don’t let that be you!

Have fun and follow our tips below to act as damage limitation.

Here are our 10 top tips on surviving the Christmas Party:

  1. If you are drinking, drink responsibly…. Avoid the awkward going back to work fear.
  2. Eat beforehand, during and after – soak up the drinks.
  3. Buddy up. Get a friend to watch out for you, and vice versa!
  4. Don’t do shots… these might be your downfall.
  5. Give yourself a curfew and stick to it.
  6. Don’t miss your train, set an alarm on your phone to remind you.
  7. Be professional and remind yourself it’s a work do!
  8. Avoid HR/your CEO and potentially your manager after a few drinks.
  9. Topics of conversation to avoid: Politics, pay, promotions and anything inappropriate.
  10. Prepare for the next day - Ensure you have few plans the next day (weekday or weekend) and get organized, Berocca and pints of water at the ready.


Try and meet new people from your office, here’s 10 Questions to ask anyone you meet at your company Christmas do:

  1. What team do you work in?
  2. What area do you specialize in?
  3. How are things in __X__ team? Has 2020 gone well?
  4. What’s the forecast for next year? More of the same?
  5. What has gone particularly well for you?
  6. What hasn’t gone well for you this year?
  7. What changes will you make in the new year?
  8. What big projects are you working on currently?
  9. What’s the broad strategy for your division/team in 2020?
  10. What are your plans over the Christmas break?


It’s a great time of the year and whilst many people are slowing down for the end of 2019, we are ramping up for a productive start to 2020. We’d love to help you achieve your 2020 career and life goals, please do get in touch with us via


Have an excellent festive season. Enjoy.