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Recruitment Agency Expo 2020 - A Review of Tuesday


Beth Allsopp

The recruitment agency expo is an annual event which unites the industry’s figures to answer and analyse the questions currently facing the market. Having hosted over 3,000 recruitment professionals and 70 guest speakers over the course of two days, it plays an integral part in ensuring that professionals remain up to date with the recruitment industry. As the market continues to evolve, the different topics covered over the numerous seminars the event hosts, provide the space for us to think about the challenges and opportunities facing recruitment businesses, and what strategic innovations are going to yield the best results as we look to the future. We attended some talks, of which the feedback will help your businesses evolve and grow, they have been detailed below

 Ann Swain's talk, 'Your People are Key to Your Growth Strategy', kick-started a busy and lively day. The importance of positive internal company culture and implementing strategies that are effective at retaining talent, is what drove many to this seminar. The talk demonstrated the benefits of having a well thought out and focused internal recruitment process. Ann covered how certain methods, such as IQ tests, could help companies be especially selective over who they hire. This emphasised how employers are seeking new and unpredictable ways to assess the competencies of their candidates, rather than just turning to their experience and technical skills. The tactics most commonly used to sell recruitment or similar sales roles, were also pointed out to be potentially ineffective at filtering out candidates who are actually going to want to stay within this industry for a sustained amount of time. Ann's insights were very valuable, the room felt motivated and energised in response to her enthusiastic discussion. She offered suggestions for improving and nurturing the personal development of employees. High on the agenda was providing employees with resilience training activities and soft skills workshops that aren’t industry specific.

Eagerness to get some new insight into how marketing teams can most effectively ensure that their brand stands out and remains relevant, drew many attendees to Aimee Treasure's, 'How to Become a Brand-Led Recruitment Business'. The results that Aimee has produced for her own company are very impressive and are a testament to her direct approach to generating interest and engagement. Focusing on producing original content that solves the problems of your audience and adds the most value to their experience, Aimee also highlighted how imperative it is to track the customer journey and understand how your audience interacts with your content. In turn, helping you to invest time and money into the most worthwhile projects. This seminar is strong evidence that, in the future, the most successful recruitment agencies will be those who have mastered the art of aligning their sales and marketing strategies. All businesses need to know how to respond to the needs of their customers, outside of making transactions with them.

This was also notable at the talk 'Winning New Business in 2020' delivered by Brad Shackleton. His energetic and engaging presentation not only discussed the skillset, knowledge and best strategies to get the most out of employees, but it also highlighted repeat business as a fundamental factor in sustainable business growth. It's not surprising that companies should be optimising on their product portfolios if they wish to maintain strong relationships with their customers. If you wish to maintain an edge over your competitors, it’s imperative to guarantee that customers continue to interact with your organisation, in between doing business with you.

Another fascinating and interactive talk was Katrina Collier's, 'Engaging Candidates in a Transparent World'. Katrina's knowledge and creative solutions to branding yourself well online were really insightful and useful for anyone looking to hire. Offering suggestions for approaching candidates and clients in more personal ways, Katrina also outlined how to be a great communicator and best use social media to appear worthy of someone's time and deserving of a response. With social media now such an integral component within the recruitment process, the channels that employers are using to reach out to candidates were also put under the spotlight. With the average LinkedIn user only using the platform for around 17 minutes a month, Katrina stressed just how important other social media networks are, and how they can best be used to our advantage – considering how Facebook messenger could even be used creatively to approach candidates.

Making engagement with customers and candidates more personal continued to be a significant part of the discussion at one of the last talks of the day. 'How to Save Time & Generate More Leads Using Big Data & Marketing Automation' delivered by Harriet Rhodes, offered a detailed guide to analysing and utilising data to provide your audience with a personalised marketing experience. Harriet demonstrated how tracking the ways in which users engage with your website, is integral to understanding your audience. With this information, you can make sure your website is targeting the people you most want to attract and ensure that you are providing the material that is most in-demand and relevant for them. Harriet also offered some great recommendations on how to use automation to target users, by tailoring responses to them, depending on how and why they are interacting with your online site. In an increasingly data-driven world, Harriet underlined its prominence in all industries and demonstrated how progressive profiling can be used to track a candidate’s engagement with your website and, if this data is fed into your companies CRM, it could provide invaluable information for your hiring managers and internal HR teams.

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