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Remote working? Here’s our top playlists to keep your motivated during the day!


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Many of us have been remote working for most of 2020 now. As the days blur into each other it can be difficult to feel motivated and ready to give each day 100%. A playlist in the background might be able to give you that extra boost throughout the day you need to focus.

Benefits of a good playlist can include increased concentration levels, increased enjoyment and adding a bit of positivity into your remote working environment through music.

These are all on Spotify (other options are available!) and are free to listen to, if you don’t have a premium account you’ll just get some adverts between songs, which actually makes you feel like you’re in the office listening to the radio.


Daily Wellness 

A mix of music and mindful guidance to guide you through your entire day. It talks about different thinking patterns, and thoughts for the day that help you understand the way you think. I’ve learnt about black & white thinking, using words to enforce extreme thinking – disaster, awful, terrible, etc, and how we should be using more mellow words with less negative implications on our outlook.

An excellent playlist to learn about the way we think that challenges us to change our habits to create a positive impact.


Music of Concentration

One of my favourite playlists to put on when there’s a large amount of project work, or a task I need to have direct  focus on. This music is non-distracting, but acts as a bit of background music that gives me a boost and keeps me on track. I’d recommend this to everyone to have in the background when total focus is required.

It can be intense when you are not deep in thought, but give it a go and you’ll find yourself being very productive and effective in completing those projects.


Music for a Workday

The awesome thing about this playlist is that it’s eight hours long and can last for the vast majority of your working day. It consists of a mix of songs that are upbeat and good background music you can tap your feet along to under your kitchen table, or indeed sing out loud now that there’s no one to judge.


Yoga & Meditation

Annnnnnnd relax. Take a deep breath in, and breath out. This playlist is for anyone needing to unwind. Whether you are into meditation or not, now might just be the time to slow down and appreciate what we have got, not what we haven’t or even what we are missing out on. A great way to start your day as your wake up music, or to end your day helping you sleep. This helps me unwind after a day of work and eases the transition out of work mode, without leaving the house.


Normal People Hulu Soundtrack

As more and more people start to watch, binge, and complete the Normal People series, this album is being talked about more and more. The soundtrack is great to have on in the background with a mix of genres, old and new. I did have to alter my sounds for some of the more lively tracks. If you haven’t watched it yet, no doubt this playlist will make you want to take a look (disclaimer: beware of the racy scenes!).


Music can heel the soul, or so we are told. Why not look into one of the playlists above or take a look and find your own, there are many great playlists on all the music channels, for programs or films we love, and a huge range of genre’s and playlists. Why not make the most of being the office DJ? Now we can choose our own music as the office radio, might not suit everyone!


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