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Why Now Could be a Great Time to Look for A New Job


Niomi Cowling

Why now could be a great time to look for a new job. As a Recruitment & Staffing business we’re supposed to say that, right?

If you’ve been searching for a job passively or actively for a while, furloughed, not been working, or working from home with some extra time to think about long term career planning, then now is still a good time to apply for a new job. 

From conversations with our customers globally, there’s a sentiment that many people are nervous to move jobs and even apprehensive to search for a new vacancy. ‘Is now really the right time to be searching for a new job?’

There’s always a risk involved with moving jobs, and in these unusual times the perceived risk is greater. The market has slowed down, we have seen some of our clients implementing hiring freezes and pausing processes, whilst they assess next steps. However, we’ve also had conversations with larger well-known companies, and agile newer businesses, who have continued to hire and who are making the most of the market conditions.


Why now really could be a great time to move jobs?

  1. Less competition for talent. Whilst overall job application rates have been higher, the quality has somewhat reduced; we’ve seen teachers applying for nursing jobs. However, for highly skilled professionals, the jobs are there waiting to be filled. Get your CV to the top of the pile and seen at a larger business.
  2. Career planning. Often a big reason to stay is the promise of a large bonus. Currently, with bonus’s being cut and salaries reduced, you are able to move to somewhere else in search of a similar base or higher fixed income. If you’re not in the job you want to be in, now could be the time to find something you are more passionate about.
  3. Compensation packages. We’ve seen a trend towards increasing fixed incomes during this period, as bonuses & benefits packages take a back seat in terms of priority. Top talent might just have a little more bargaining power to increase fixed salaries. 


What’s changed about getting a job now?

Hat’s off to every business out there, remote working has been happening (hopefully) successfully for 5 months now. HR teams and hiring managers have quickly adapted interview processes, both the technicalities of virtual conferences and adding new measures to identify ‘fit’ virtually.

Expect different online tests to identify personality types, team/culture fit and ability to do the job at hand. Plus, potentially more open questions than you’ve ever seen and online presentations too.


How long will these changes last?

Whilst we are all hoping for a speedy V-shaped recovery, it could take a little longer for things to settle down. The innovations we’ve seen, and the strategic shifts businesses have undertaken to allow for hiring, will no doubt stay and be used long after a cure has been found (fingers crossed).


If you are happy in your current role that’s excellent (call us if you’re hiring), but if you aren’t and are interested in a conversation to hear more about the market conditions and the opportunities available to you, then we are here to discuss your options. Looking for a new vacancy doesn’t need to be immediate, and we can help you find what you are looking for.


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