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Happy Global Talent Acquisition Day!


Niomi Cowling Talent Acquisition - Hamlyn Williams



The first Wednesday of September is Global Talent Acquisition day, a day that recognises those who work in talent acquisition teams. That includes Recruiters, HR professionals, staffers and anyone involved in the hiring process, where their jobs purpose is to source talented workers. It’s value is massive, both to businesses achieving growth objectives and targets, and also to individuals to meet life ambitions and career goals.


Today we are thanking every HWer globally for their hard work and perseverance, especially during such a challenging year. In addition to our GREAT recruiters (our company values spell out G.R.E.A.T), our internal Talent Acquisition teams make an incredible effort every day to find new colleagues to join our global team. Having the right people within the business enables us to better serve our customers, focus on improving working relationships not to mention meeting our ambitious growth & expansion plans.


We are always looking for new colleagues to join our business, below we have gathered top tips from our global Talent Acquisition teams:


“My top tip for anyone looking to join HW is to always be prepared to answer interview questions using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result)!” - Jamie Finnigan, TA – USA. When planning how you answer interview questions this method is proven to help you talk through the process, allowing your hiring panel get a good grasp of how you acted in a situation.


Ahead of your first interview, Harrison recommends you demonstrate resilience and grit on the phone: “I like it when people demonstrate resilience and grit on the phone, and have a passion to work hard and chase their goals.” – Harrison Kassin, TA, USA


Charles in Hong Kong adds that examples to prove this, helps hugely, “Hamlyn Williams are always looking for resilient individuals, so being able to demonstrate examples of resilience is a massive positive at interview stage.” – Charles Higson-Smith, Head of People APAC


In terms of preparing for the interview Euiain recommends be natural: “My top tip for candidates is to not over-rehearse their answers to the point of them being mechanical. Too many websites and experts prepare candidates for ‘nailing that interview’ and the result is robotic, rehearsed soundbites that tell me very little about their personality, and what separates them from the many other great candidates they’re competing for roles with. I prefer a measured, honest response, even if you have to take a couple of seconds to mull it over, that can be explored fully than a perfect internet answer that lacks substance. The deal is this; you answer my questions honestly and I won’t ask you to sell me a pen or where you want to be in 5 years’ time.” – Euiain Herring – Head of TA, EU.


Throughout the entire process Emilie’s top tip is about being your authentic self, she says: “Employers (like us!) want to invest in you as a person throughout your career, let who you are show during the process. Recruitment is all about personality, so it's important to get that across and not stick to scripted answers. Interviews are a two way conversation, be confident when asking questions about what’s important to you now, and down the line.” Emilie James, EU Talent Advisor.


We are hiring!

Let us show you how Hamlyn Williams is an excellent place for a Recruitment career. We are investing in our people and have taken some time this year to look at our goals as a company and how they give our people more opportunities to learn develop and grow. We’re enhancing our employee engagement strategy and personal development offering as part of this.


In addition, we are undergoing exciting expansion measures, moving offices in London & New York to allow for growth plans, and are expanding further into Europe and Asia with 2-3 NEW offices opening in these locations soon.


We believe it’s a very exciting time to join us, and would love to speak with you and share our plans and how they can offer you unrivalled (and exciting!) career opportunities.



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If you’re a reccer you’ll no doubt head to LinkedIn to check us out. We’ve made in simple for you, if you click on the name below that will direct you to their LinkedIn pages. Don't mind our cheesy alliteration! 


Our unrivalled US team are:

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For our excellent European team, you can contact the below:

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APAC awesomeness from:

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You can always email us on for any questions. All the best of luck, we hope to see you in the corridors soon!