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Hamlyn Williams Tenth Anniversary Ten Day Challenge


Niomi Cowling join us, join us, join us...

To mark our Tenth Anniversary, the Hamlyn Williams' global teams have accepted a challenge to complete ten different tasks, in the ten days leading up to our tenth anniversary.

Globally, we have challenged co-workers and colleagues to do something each day, with the theme of, you guessed it, TEN!

These tasks focus on a variety of different areas to bring teams together, ensure physical and mental wellbeing and to have fun, and celebrate ten years of Hamlyn Williams in all our global offices.

Here's what we are doing over the next ten working days before our official birthday at the end of the month:

18th - Colleague10

Spend 10 minutes with a colleague, you do not usually speak to and catch-up about anything. Whether that’s someone from a different team, or from a different office, we are encouraging colleagues to introduce themselves to each other and build their internal network.

What we did:

  • In Hong Kong, our colleagues went for a coffee with someone who isn’t on your team to get to know each other better.
  • Niomi Cowling, Marketing Manager in London, spoke to Elise Mak in our Hong Kong team.
  • Cat Cox, Head of People US in New York, spoke to Philip King in our Frankfurt team.
  • Kalpesh Baxi, CEO based in London, spoke to Sasha Stratton in Dallas.
  • London-based Matt Feeney and Charlie Mills-Swanscott spoke with Jack Reece in Amsterdam.
  • And more!

19th - Walk10

Get moving! Getting regular exercise and moving from your desk throughout the day is important. It's sometimes difficult to make the 10,000 steps every day so during ‘Walk10’ we’re asking the teams to complete 10,000 steps together, on their own, during calls where you can be mobile etc. Take some time to step away from the desk and head outside to get that step count up!

22nd - Donate10: Donate $/£10 to charity

Our Head of CSR, Cat Cox, is ensuring each office is giving something back to their local communities. Each office has selected a local charity to donate to. By setting up Justgiving pages we are able to track this by office. Those who would like to donate can donate to your local charity, donations will be matched by Hamlyn Williams.

23rd - Run10: Run 10K

Running a 10K might seem a long distance for many. Why not split it up over two days or share the distance with a colleague or two. Either way, getting your heart rate up with regular exercise is important to maintain physical and mental wellbeing. Exercise has been linked to happiness; therefore, we are encouraging the teams to go get those endorphins for Run10.

24th - Mindful10: Spend 10mins meditating

Mindfulness and meditation practices encourage you to slow down, be present, increases your self-awareness, and focus on what you are doing. Any job or task can get overwhelming, so today our teams will be taking 10minutes out to be present and take a breather.

“The goal of mindfulness is to wake up to the inner workings of our mental, emotional, and physical processes.” Learn more about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation here.

25th - Bake10: Bake 10 cookies, cupcakes, etc

What are your baking skills like? Not strictly limited to baked goods but our teams globally will be baking goods for colleagues and family members, specifically 10 of each. Our baking expertise in the company ranges from expert to beginner, but many of our teams are getting involved and baking to celebrate our birthday!

26th - Future10: Spend 10 minutes on your personal development plan

You don’t need a crystal ball if you’ve got a career plan in place. Sticking to a career plan can be challenging, and it doesn’t always go in the way as planned. Our personal development plans focus on professional and personal goals, in the short, medium, and long-term giving you goals to keep you motivated and focussed on your personal goals inside and outside of work.

29th - Learn10: Spend 10minutes learning about something new

Internally we use an L&D system called Litmos. Litmos hosts thousands of training courses and sessions to ensure we are supporting our teams, both on local regulations and global themes. Topics range from understanding GDPR (data protection in the EU) to Effective Communication styles for Leaders, Gender Bias and more. 

30th - Thank10: Thank 10 customers or 10 co-workers/colleagues

It’s our 10th birthday, and the first 10 years have been brilliant thanks to the customers we speak to every day. One of the best things about recruitment is that you speak to many people each and every day, making the job varied, interesting and importantly enjoyable. Thank10 is taking 10minutes out of your day to thank customers and colleagues who without your day/career would be very different. 

31st - Celebrate10: Celebrate our tenth birthday!

To celebrate our birthday officially, we are hosting one of our legendary Impact Days. Impact Days are designed to focus on the wider impact of everything we do, from advising our partners and customers, to CSR initiatives within the local communities of our offices. This Impact Day will be a little different from usual, and as you know we are focusing on the number 10.

This will be a fun day of sales-generating activities and celebrating our birthday with cake, treats, and bubbles!

Head to our Instagram to see progress! @hamlynwilliamsrecruitment #recruitment #10thanniversary