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Diversity Report - Hamlyn Williams


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Diversity & Inclusion is, without doubt, the most important item on the agenda for our clients as they all respond in their own way to the dramatic social progress made in the past year.

Clients are held accountable to the heightened standards of the moment and those that will continue to be applied in the future. In turn, they expect us to live and breathe this as a key recruitment partner. Since 2019 we have made a more concerted effort to review our own recruitment practices to understand how we can help drive a more inclusive hiring process, and transparency is key in this. 

Our placement data reveals.... 

  • An increasing trend towards diversity across our customers' hires in both gender and ethnic and racial diversity.
  • In 2020 overall we saw a 133% increase of ‘diverse’ hires within our Financial Services division, based on ethnicity and race. 
  • Compared to 2019, in 2020 we placed 50% more female candidates into Financial Services organizations. 
  • Across all US placements in 2020, 56% are considered diverse when grouping ethnicity & gender. 

View the document to find:

  • Graphs of our placement data comparing 2019 to 2020
  • The key Influencing factors on why this is happening
  • Our Top Tips to attract diverse candidates

View the report here

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