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FinTech: Risk Perspectives for 2022


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In the last year Hamlyn Williams has witnessed first-hand the disruptive effect of the explosion of FinTech on hiring trends within Financial Services. With so many new products, applications, cryptocurrency firms and exchanges, demand to find talent that can help build new Risk functions is having an impact, pulling more and more talent in from traditional banking. 

Of all the placements we made within the FinTech market in Compliance, Risk and Audit, over 53% of candidates have come directly from traditional banking environments as opposed to other FinTech firms. Anecdotally, in conversations with clients and candidates we are also seeing that more and more staff are moving from traditional banking into FinTech.

What does this mean for the Risk space specifically, for Hiring Managers and candidates alike? That is the question we have tried to answer with our FinTech Risk whitepaper. 

We interviewed two Industry leaders and Chief Risk Officers in the FinTech space about their overall transition from banking to FinTech. We think their testimony and the data we've gathered, will be a great help to potential candidates and hiring teams consider key levers in this emerging reality. 

Both Talal Mahmud, Chief Risk Officer at Kountable and William Vreeland, Chief Risk Officer at Xapo have moved into the FinTech field, and offer invaluable insights on the exciting startup dynamic in their firms and why they chose to move. We hope it will help candidates and hiring teams to find the key skills and considerations they need to navigate this fast moving market.

Read our FinTech: Risk Perspectives for 2022 report here.