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Compliance Market insights 2022

Lloyd Griffiths

Read our 2022 Compliance Market Report here

The Financial Services Compliance industry finds itself at an interesting crossroads in relation to hiring in 2022. The U.S. unemployment rate has fallen to 5.2%, and Compliance functions find themselves grappling with a new regulatory landscape on top of the ongoing realities of COVID-19.

The Compliance and Financial Crimes market was not immune to the pressures that COVID-19 placed on hiring in 2020/21. However, hiring is now at an all-time high as the market continues to re-open. Pent-up demand after the brief slowdown in hiring during 2020/21 in addition to the growing number of market competitors for talent have all contributed to this. There is no lack of great opportunities for Compliance candidates across Investment Banking, FinTech, Consumer Banking, and Consulting. 

So, as hiring managers fight for talent and candidates look to forge the best career path ahead, we wanted to share the knowledge we have gathered, working with senior Compliance and Financial Crime Compliance professionals in our network who have provided some excellent insights.

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This report delves deep into the trends in this exciting market, identifying areas of active growth and what are the real factors you need to identify to create an employer offer that will motivate the highest performers to join you. Additionally, we offer practical advice to candidates in the wider market on how to future proof your career in the Compliance and FCC space, and what to consider in such a dynamic, fast-moving market.

We include updates on FinTech, Regulatory Compliance and Financial Crime Compliance as markets, drawing out the key skills for each market right now - as well as a salary guide across all three that will be instructive for those hiring and job hunting alike.

Read our 2022 Compliance Market Report here