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Software Development

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Technology as a concept is expanding and innovating at an exponential rate in almost all areas of business. IT strategy within an organisation is now being integrated seamlessly within the overall business strategy. Thanks to this, IT professionals across several disciplines are more in demand now than ever before.

Clients are given access to talent solutions within the Technology space who encompass all the main aspects of an invaluable IT specialist. This includes but is not limited to: functional design, building out system interfaces, unparalleled knowledge of a firm's system architecture, data standardisation, extensive programming/ coding capabilities, the ability to test strategies, and the design and execution of scripts.

Candidates are further incentivised as they are provided with the opportunity to be placed within teams such as: Cyber, Engineering, Business Intelligence, and more; with industry leaders who are investing heavily in their technology systems.

We offer contract and permanent recruitment, areas include:

  • Software Engineering and Testing

  • DevOps and Site Reliability Engineers

  • User Experience

  • Cloud Implementation

  • Business Intelligence

  • Infrastructure

  • Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers

  • Big Data

  • Technical Project Management

  • SCRUM Masters 

  • Executive Leadership