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Client Spotlight: Varo Bank

Client Spotlight: Varo Bank

Niomi Cowling

The Financial Services industry is rapidly changing as is the nature of the Banking organizations that we deal with. Technology continues to have a huge impact and we have seen FinTech disruptors make Banking simpler and more accessible for everyday consumers, all at a touch of a button in many cases.

Using customer and design-centric approaches, Challenger Banks were able to provide cutting-edge technologies to the consumer. Traditional Banks are also catching up, ensuring that the demand for strong technical as well as interpersonal talent remains at an all-time high.

Hamlyn Williams’ Client Engagement Lead, Vickie Chan, was joined by Lisa Violet, Chief Audit Executive at Varo Bank to discuss the challenges and unique opportunities for Banks and Financial Services organizations.

Varo Bank has been singularly focused on using the latest technology to help everyday Americans make progress in their financial lives. As the first US Consumer FinTech to receive a national bank charter, they are reinventing the Banking business model to be centered on the success of customers and their communities.

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Following a short introduction to Lisa Violet and Varo, this 20-min video covers the following topical questions:

  1. What are some things the challenger banks can learn from traditional banking organizations, and vice versa?

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  1. What are the unique considerations in setting up a Governance, Risk & Controls framework at a FinTech?

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  1. What challenges do you anticipate for the FinTech industry as we head into 2021?

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  1. What skillsets and traits do you look for in candidates when hiring into your team? What advice would you offer to individuals who are looking to break into the FinTech space?

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  1. Are FinTech’s better placed to navigate the remote working environment?

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Thank you to Lisa and the team at Varo Bank for their expertise on this topic and brilliant responses and ideas around Financial Organizations, during this interview.

Please watch the video and we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this piece and the future for the Banking and Financial Services industry.

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