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5 Benefits of hiring a Contractor
  • Apr 28 2022

In need of a skilled and experienced worker for a current project? 

Hiring a contractor can offer flexibility and help give you that extra resource to finish a project, or help you through a period of change. There are many advantages to hiring contractors, we’ve outlined five important benefits below.

  • Expertise:

Contractors often operate at the higher end of the skill sets. They are experts at coming into a new project and adjusting immediately. They’ve had multiple years of going into various projects at different companies, and have broad skillsets.

  • Speed:

Contractors suit project work if there is a spike in workload at this time. They are experts at coming into a new project and adjusting immediately.  They are fast learners, used to deliver on projects quickly, and are highly specialized to get the job done.

  • Remote Working:

Hiring a remote contactor can give you access to the best talent – not restricted by people who are within commuting distance to your office. We have seasoned remote contract workers that are used to making an impact from day one. No issues of converting a full time onsite staff, or dips in productivity whilst onsite staff adapt to remote working.

  • Costs:

A contractor might have higher hourly pay rate, but you likely won't pay as much as you would for a full time employee. With a contractor you don't have to pay holiday/PTO, taxes, social security, or benefits and there’s no long term cost commitment. Contractors can come in for a shorter, definitive period or project, as opposed to years and if they are not working, you don’t have to pay for them.

We carry out payroll, security/background checks and there’s no big upfront recruitment fee to pay. In the UK, with IR35 no longer taking place businesses don’t have to worry about government changes when hiring a contractor.

  • Ease:

No lengthy recruitment or interview process, and there’s typically a quick turnaround when hiring a contractor. We obtain references for you and often contractors have worked with us before, meaning we can vouch for them too. As we carry out the payroll we make this as easy for our clients as possible, all you’ll have to do is sign off their timesheets.


Contact Us

Our contract team are helping many companies take the pressure off their teams during this period. If you’d like advice on how you could benefit from having a contractor on your team, then get in touch with us. If you are hiring or looking for a new role, get in touch with our contract team today to see how we can support you - email

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