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A website to match our global ambition
  • Financial Services, FinTech, Life Science, Technology, Manufacturing, Cyber Security
  • Jul 13 2022

We’re incredibly excited that you are reading this on the brand new Hamlyn Williams website! Welcome to our new portal to the future of work.

Over the last 6 months, our team have mapped out how we wanted a modern website to represent us. We’ve gathered our specialists’ knowledge, feedback from clients and working with the websites-whizzes at Bold, have built a site that we are proud to launch! But why now – and how will our website help you, your career and your business?

As a worldwide recruitment team, we have experienced unprecedented growth in the last few years. We now have offices around the world. From Amsterdam, Cardiff & London in Europe, Hong Kong & Shenzen in APAC and Dallas, San Diego & New York in the US – every office is growing or has opened in the last years. We are now a truly global business.

This has meant we’ve been able to expand successful teams & place talent for more businesses, open brand new verticals such as our Cyber Security team in New York and grow our service offering, with increased Client Services & Executive hire teams.


This is a website that is fit for our ambition as a global recruiter

Hamlyn Williams has grown into more markets in the last few years and expanded our offering everywhere.

We’re proud of the specialist knowledge we have in every team. We needed a website that represented that and gave every team the chance to showcase their unique offering and expertise. 

Simply put, our old website only shared a fraction of where and how our amazing consultants work. But now, every market & specialism has its own bespoke page across 6 markets and 39 verticals. And every region we work in has its own site – UK, USA, Europe, China (Shenzen) & Hong Kong.

Every one of our consultants are experts in their verticals. Now they’re able to share their expertise on bespoke vertical pages means you know our service is uniquely suited to finding & placing talent for you.

It also means it’s quicker than before to find the right team. Because we’ve built regional sites, you’ll know up front whether we hire in your specialism so you don’t waste time. Then learn about our work in your niche and quickly see if we’re a good fit and get in touch with the right people.

As we’ve grown so has the breadth of the services we offer. So now you can get full details on each of our services in the new Services page, with in-depth pages for our Permanent, Contract & Executive Hire services.

With a new, modern look that matches our dynamic teams, we’re delighted with how the website looks and think it’s the perfect shopfront to attract the best candidates for our clients – and the best recruitment talent to help us scale as a business. As we look to find talent for more businesses, and more opportunities for candidates, attracting the best in the recruitment game will help us scale and deliver faster. Our Careers page is the perfect example of that:


The new Careers hubs in every region do an amazing job in showcasing Hamlyn Williams’ brand as an employer and what people can expect from working in our offices around the world.

We’re a dynamic company, with clear pathways to promotion & modern benefits – anyone hearing from our teams on our Careers page will see the excitement and growth on offer

With more talent for businesses, better opportunities for roles with exciting progression for candidates, our own exciting careers on offer and a brand new Insights Hub which captures the expertise in every market of our team for you, we’re delighted to have our new platform open.

Here’s to the future of placing talent that makes a difference!

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