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Developments in Diversity & Inclusion hiring – U.S. Q3 Review
  • Apr 28 2022

Hamlyn Williams have committed to hold ourselves accountable to fostering a diverse, inclusive workforce for both our clients and our business. As hiring for Diversity & Inclusion continues to be a priority for firms throughout Q3, we have once again published our hiring data which shows a continued focus on hiring with diversity in mind that we have seen over the past two years as clients respond to the important social progress made in the last year.  


Following our 2020 report & update for the 1st half of 2021, we wanted to share our placement data showing the trend towards diverse placements to ensure clients our hiring trends are reflecting the market, and their needs. Our Q3 diversity review has been put together by our U.S. team to be transparent and demonstrate progress and commitment to examining our data regularly.? 

Read our Q3 U.S. Diversity Report

We’re happy that our U.S. teams have continued the good work seen in our July placement data, with?64% of our total hires diverse?when grouping gender & ethnicity. This is a rise from 56% in 2020, with even more clients requesting balanced shortlists and seeing a continued success in diverse hires. 


Additionally, many of these hires are at the Executive level & above, demonstrating businesses are serious about authentic senior-level representation. Lisa Violet, Chief Auditor at Varo Bank spoke to Hamlyn Williams’ earlier this year, commenting that hiring managers are now integrating “cultural quotient” into their assessment of business & staff’s skills.? 


Cultural Quotient looks to measure the “spoken and unspoken behaviours and norms of an organization” and what it does in the hiring process. Alongside our report showing a continued rise in diversity hires, it does seem there is a broad move towards genuine organizational change across industries - one which is matched by our determination to help place talent that is going to make a difference. 


Our placement data reveals...? 

  • An increasing trend towards diversity across our customers' hires in both gender and ethnic and racial diversity. 

  • 64% of our total U.S. hires are considered diverse when grouping ethnicity & gender. 

  • Our Financial Services hiring has seen an increase from 58% to 66% of candidates placed being diverse  

  • We placed 28 female hires in Financial Services roles during Q3 alone, compared to 26 during all of 2020 


View the document to find: 

  • Detailed data & graphs on our Q3 diversity placement 

  • The key Influencing factors on why this is happening 

  • Our Top Tips to attract diverse candidates 

Gareth Carpenter, Hamlyn Williams’ Director of Financial Services & Client Engagement, said: “As 2021 has progressed we have seen our clients move increasingly from the theory of hiring for Diversity to the implementation of it, and we’ve been delighted to work with a number of firms on practical projects to improve representation, ensuring this translates into tangible results from a hiring perspective.”  


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If you have any questions about this report then please contact Gareth at  

You can search our live vacancies via our job search page, we also recommend that you register as a candidate so that you receive regular job updates. 


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