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Hamlyn Williams welcome new Finance Director, Shrutha Rao
  • Jun 23 2022

We are excited to finally to be welcoming Shrutha Rao to the Hamlyn Williams team, who joins us as Financial Director.

Shrutha has had a decade plus career in recruitment, with a variety of roles undertaken whilst at UK based firm S3 since 2010. She joins Hamlyn Williams as Financial Director, bringing her mix of financial, accounting & recruitment skills to help upskill and improve our reporting & efficiency.

Working alongside senior leadership and managing our Finance team, Shrutha will help to build the KPIs that help our consultants work efficiently, and set goals that help drive business with customers & candidates.

With her unique blend of financial and recruitment skills, she joins us at a perfect time, as we scale our teams across the world throughout 2022.

Shrutha says:

"I've stayed in recruitment for so long because of the amazing career opportunities it gave me – to work across different functions and in different places – just like Hamlyn Williams offers.

It’s also because it’s such a people orientated industry. I know from my 1st few weeks here, Hamlyn Williams people are amazing – passionate, driven and friendly.

I’ve been brought into Hamlyn Williams to get a flavour of recruitment experience in our finance team. I want to drive better reporting across the organisation, create better KPIs and create better efficiencies. Most importantly of all, I want all this to enable the amazing recruiters who work with businesses & candidates to be more productive.

I’m keen to help improve, upskill and offer development to the amazing talent that is already here. I hope my background will help us become a brilliant finance team supporting great recruiters."

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