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Associate Software Engineer - Desktop Development

Software Engineer – Developer Desktop

Associate - Vice President


Team Description

The Developer Desktop team within Core Engineering is responsible to provide the best possible developer tools and experience. We want developers to enjoy their working environment and be excited by the importance of their work, not discouraged by antiquated processes and tools. We will improve the tools, systems, and processes that engineers across the firm use to develop and deploy software to increase their velocity and business impact as part of the Developer Experience organization. We will be enabling fast innovation while ensuring consistent and proper gates and controls are in place to ensure security and resiliency of our operations across the firm. As part of your role you will be partnering with core and business-aligned software engineering and SRE teams to deliver tooling, services and guidance for industry leading software development practices.


Job Summary & Responsibilities, Basic Qualifications, Preferred Qualifications  


  • Build tooling and services for Mac, Windows and Linux desktops to enable developer software distribution and management
  • Implement and collaborate with other teams to build services in public cloud and on-premises for software distribution, dependency management, project and entitlements management, software lifecycle management, security controls and others.
  • Collaborate across teams on feature design and problem solving
  • Partner with colleagues from across technology and risk to ensure an outstanding, useable, and unobtrusive experience for development teams building and deploying their applications to any environment
  • Manage the full lifecycle of software components, from requirements through design, testing, development, release and demise



  • Proficiency in designing, developing and testing software in Golang and Java; open to using multiple languages
  • Working knowledge of scripting languages, operating systems (Linux, Mac OS and/or Windows), networking protocols, security and file systems
  • Ability to reason about performance, security, and process interactions in complex distributed systems
  • Solid experience with version control, continuous integration, deployment, and configuration management tools
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts effectively, both written and orally, as well as the interpersonal skills required to collaborate effectively with colleagues across diverse technology teams and locations
  • Ability to rapidly and effectively understand and translate requirements into technical solutions


Preferred Qualifications

  • 1-3 years software development experience
  • Experience on cross-platform command-line tool development
  • Experience on developing software for Mac OS and/or Windows environments
  • Experience on package managers (e.g., nix, apt, yum)
  • Experience on architecting, designing and developing applications in Amazon Web Services
  • Experience using infrastructure as a code tools (e.g. AWS CDK, Terraform, CloudFormation)