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DFX Engineer-Automation


  1. Process feasibility design study and analysis and optimization Equipment and fixtures development and final qualification
  2. Key process definition and monitor and guide supplier to improve
  3. Production equipment DFM review and approval such as Gluing machine, Pressure machine, Heat-melting, Screwing fasten machine, etc.
  4. Production key process definition and operation procedure review
  5. Production key parameters of equipment set up through DOE and statistical analysis
  6. Work with CFT to review the MIL issue and improve the related problems
  7. The whole Line’s balance and cycle time improvement
  8. Work with supplier and AME/DFx team on EF(Equipment & Fixture) issues during utilization
  9. Monitor EF status during utilization for improvement opportunities
  10. Optimize EF running for cycle time reduction


  1. 8 years’ Automation, Engineering (PE/IE) or Quality (DQE/ QE) management experience in consumer electronic the manufacturing industry, include 3+ years working experience on AR/VR, smartwatch, or other wearables product
  2. Work experience in assembly, specifically in Automation Equipment & Fixture and process development at NPI.
  3. Work experience in DFX automation is a plus
  4. Experience in conducting DOEs to drive process and data collection
  5. Using statistical process control tool (JMP or Minitab) to analyze data from DOE, EF qualification data (FAI, SPC, Cpk, GRR…) and provide solutions and recommendations to AME/DFx Team for process improvement and process capabilities
  6. Able to write, read and communicate both English and Mandarin
  7. Experience collaborating with cross-functional team