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Test Engineer (OMI)

Job Description

  1. The responsibilities include working with the end customers, 3rd party test vendors, and OMI (Optical Module Integrator) to ensure testers are brought up and qualified on schedule;
  2. The expectation is that the work is beyond program management and involves engineering troubleshooting, analysis, and optimization;
  3. The engineers will directly interact with OMI and 3rd party test engineers as well as their program manager and be the first and second line engineering support;
  4. When necessary, the engineers can work with end customer’s engineers and contractors to describe clearly the problems, the steps taken and package any relevant data and data analysis.;
  5. They may help end customer’s staff with experiments to root cause and improve tests;
  6. Responsible for Qualification includes tester bring-up, GRR, and correlation between testers and possibly reference units/tester;

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Optical, Electrical Engineering, Mechanics Engineering, or related engineering field.
  2. 2+ years of experience developing optical hardware test solutions.
  3. Experience in manufacturing/factory environment.
  4. Knowledge in statistical methods (e.g. Cpk) for data analysis.
  5. Experience with scripting language Python or similar.
  6. We anticipate that engineers are needed ~50% on-site and nearly 100% for ~1 month for ramp